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Sukhvinder Singh

Sukhvinder Singh



Sukhvinder is an Accredited Mediator registered with the Civil Mediation Council. He has successfully observed and mediated a variety of different civil, commercial and workplace issues. Examples of successful mediation cases include:

·         Wills, trusts, probate and Inheritance Act claims

·         Partnership disputes

·         Religious places of worship/Organisational disputes

·         Workplace disputes:

·         Discrimination (racial, gender, disability,  religion, sexual orientation)

With a career in diversity, he approaches situations with the appropriate cultural sensitivities.  Whilst his native language is English, he is also bi-lingual in Panjabi. On a voluntary basis, Sukhvinder has been involved in mediating a number of community issues, both locally and nationally.

 Career History

A pragmatic leader and outstanding team player who, through a collaborative approach, creates strategies to translate policy into action. A consummate diplomat with strong interpersonal and people skills together with excellent communication skills.

Sukhvinder has unique experience and extensive background of having worked with diverse organisations at senior positions, especially on their corporate social responsibility agenda’s. A specialist on managing equality, diversity, Inclusion, and human rights within the workplace. He has worked as ‘Head of Policy for Workplace and Employment’ at both the Commission for Racial Equality and then the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

After leaving the EHRC, Sukhvinder has worked in a number of interim roles as an equality, diversity and inclusion adviser/specialist working both within Human Resources departments and Chief Executives Office, focusing on workplace and employment issues. This has involved developing and writing a number of key polices (e.g. ‘reasonable adjustment for staff with disabilities’), strategies (e.g. ‘developing a diverse workforce’ strategy for Historic England) and reports (e.g. ‘Ethnic Minority Pay Gap Report’ for Queen Mary University of London).

Other Information

During his career, Sukhvinder has written a number of internal policy papers and guidance, that have been published on the websites of organisations that he has worked for. Examples include:

·         An ‘Employers Guidance on Creating an Inclusive Workplace’

·    A Quick Guide to the Equality Act 2010 for Small to Medium Size Enterprises/Businesses (SME’’s)

Sukhvinder has spoken at a number of international events, including conferences organised by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance and the UN conference on ‘Racism’, where he spoke at a seminar organised by Business and Human Rights Institution.

Sukhvinder is approachable and always available for a chat to discuss any queries or concerns.