EDI Services.

As specialists in diversity and culture change we work with organisations to improve performance and individuals to develop their personal capabilities.​

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Development

We help organisations to create and implement integrated, holistic and systematic strategies to achieve desired change

  • Strategies have to be integrated because they cannot operate in isolation
  • They must be holistic to ensure there are no inconsistences, everything is connected
  • Systematic approaches allow change to occur in a surefooted and logical fashion, which is also easier to communicate

Equality Impact Assessments & Organisational EDI Diagnostics

  • We can provide independent equality impact assessments of new and existing projects, policies and programmes
  • We systematically audit existing programmes or activities using a diagnostic approach, providing pragmatic recommendations for sustainable progress
  • We can also provide an independent Investigating officer for any internal staffing issues, i.e. discrimination complaints. address any internal staff disciplinary

    ‘Workforce Diversity’ Strategy Development

    The key components of a successful workforce diversity strategy are:

    • culture change,
    • outreach
    • recruitment
    • retention and staff development
    • management infrastructure 

    Success will be dependent on the collective effect of all five components.  We will ensure that the strategy developed and associated action plan is based on statistical data from analysing your workforce diversity monitoring data

    Supporting Benchmarking Submissions

    ​We provide support in completing internal and external benchmarking, such as Stonewall index, race for opportunity and opportunity know

      Workforce Diversity Monitoring and Analysis

      We can provide support in developing your workforce diversity monitoring and then analysing the results to provide a comprehensive report for you Board and or Senior Management team

        Development and Supporting Staff Diversity Network

        We can facilitate the development of staff networks and their terms of reference, i.e. disability network, BME network, LGBT network etc

          Developing Community Engagement Strategies

          Engaging with stakeholders and communities can be very complex, with a large number of competing community groups and stakeholders. We can work with you to develop a strategic and targeted approach, to ensure your engagement is maximised and is coherent and sustainable

            Development of Positive Action Programme

            We can provide clarity on the distinction between positive action and positive discrimination and then develop positive action programmes based on statistics from analysing monitoring data

              Speaking Engagement

              We can provide a speaker for internal events, i.e. team meetings to all staff meetings. As well as for external workshops, seminars and conferences. These will be thought provoking and focused on the theme and topic of any event


                We customise training for individual organisation linked to their organisational strategy, business plan and objectives, for example on:

                • Equality Act 2010
                • Creating Inclusive workplaces
                • Business case for Diversity
                • Unconscious Bias
                • Faith in the workplace

                  Sukhvinder Singh (Director) in a Diversity and Inclusion training video for English Heritage